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Welcome to my site.

I've been creative all my life and hope you enjoy this peek into who I am.


As a Graphic Designer I've worked on every type of project imaginable. I'd have to say my passion in this field is logo design. I enjoy the challenge of turning a client's vision into a single image. My years of experience and strong sense of design help make each project, regardless of the type, a very satisfying one.


I've been drawing as long as I can remember. These background images are samples of my work. My work tends to be very colorful and whimsical. Some illustrations are based from photographs while others are from the place dreams originate. All my work is now computer generated and available as canvas prints.


Sculpting - I love making something from one of the most basic of things - clay. Some of my pieces involve the  use of found objects and driftwood. I hope the enjoyment I've experienced in this work comes through in all my pieces. 


Few things bring more Happiness than loving one's work.


Refugio Alfaro aka Fuge

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